Gripperair.com Limited Customer Warranty


Gripperair.com warrants that, beginning on the date of shipment by Gripperair.com to the original purchaser (“Customer”), and ending two years thereafter, the Gripperair.com hardware will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use.

Gripperair.com’s only obligation, and Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for breach of warranty will be, at Gripperair.com’s option, repair or replacement of a defective unit or a refund of the price paid to Gripperair.com for the defective unit. The warranty will be effective only if Customer returns the defective unit or units of hardware to Gripperair.com, freight and insurance prepaid, within the two-year warranty period. Customer will not return any unit of hardware to Gripperair.com unless Customer first receives a return materials authorization number from Gripperair.com. Contact Gripperair.com to obtain a return materials authorization number. Gripperair.com’s warranty will not apply if the hardware (a) has been altered, (b) has been subjected to abnormal physical or electrical stress or misuse, or (c) was improperly installed.

Except as set forth in this warranty, Gripperair.com makes no express or implied warranties, including, without limitation, any implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. All such warranties are excluded to the extent allowed by applicable law.


Transfer of Ownership


Gripperair.com permits the transfer of ownership, and will transfer a device from one owner to another. In order to complete the transfer one of the following three requirements must be met:

  • Purchaser of Record releases title of the device(S) to the new owner in writing
  • New owner provides a receipt for purchase of the device(s), and a signed release from purchaser of record
  • A court order, demanding the transfer of ownership from the purchaser of record to the new owner



Warranty Request Form