Tire Inflation Hose-Quadra 25 (4 x 25 Feet)


Tire Inflation Hose-Quadra 25 (4 x 25 Feet)

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We have 3 left until this hose set is discontinued – use as an example of what and how to assemble your own Quadra hose assembly.

Go to https://gripperair.com/manuals/   to see complete assembly instructions for the Quadra Hose assembly.

Technical Description:

  • Hoses Quantity: 4
  • Hose Length: Each Hose has a Length of 25 Feet
  • Hose Internal Diameter: 1/4″
  • Hose Ends: Both Ends of each Hose come with a Male Thread 1/4″ NPT
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to use multiple Hoses simultaneously, THE RED HOSE must have an OPEN-END Chuck and THE THREE BLACK HOSES must have a CLOSED-END Chuck. Those Chucks are not included in this Set, but can be ordered separately. ATTENTION: One Chuck must be OPEN-END (RED HOSE) and the other ones must be CLOSED-END (THREE BLACK HOSES).
  • OPERATION: Always connect the RED HOSE first, then the 3 BLACK HOSE(S), to the tires. To remove the hoses after tire inflation, always remove the RED HOSE last. So, the RED HOSE is the first to be connected and the last to be removed.
  • This configuration is recommended for Nitrogen installs.

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 2 in