Coilhose Pneumatics 150U 1/4-Inch Body Size, Coilflow Automatic Universal Coupler, 1/4-Inch NPT, Female


  • Accepts industrial, aro and automotive interchange connectors
  • One hand push to connect operation provides quick and easy hook-up to air supply
  • 1/ 4-Inch Body Size
  • 1/ 4-inch fpt back connection


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These Universal Couplers can be used with 1/4-Inch body Industrial, Aro and Automotive Interchange plugs. Reduces inventory by eliminating the need to stock three Interchanges and saves time by eliminating matching up the coupler to the connector.


These connectors have the most wonderful feature, where you simply push the connector together, and the connector automatically locks, no mess, no fuss, no pressure release, no finger acrobatics. Anyone can do it unsupervised, and no one has to feel like a idiot. This feature is available on other connectors too, but it’s the main reason I chose this particular brand/model. When you release the connector, you pull back the collar. Once the male connector has been removed, the collar is held back, waiting to be reconnected. The introduction of a male connector releases the collar, so when you push the connectors together, they lock. It takes a slight bit of force to push these connectors together, but only marginally more than a non-automatic connector. Aside from the auto couple feature, the connector is well made, heavy and tight. It fit all the male connectors I’ve collected over the years without leaking.

This is a good quality connector. The balls inside click and hold the connectors securely.