If Air supply is slow through the Gripper Automatic Tire Inflator.

First, check that you don’t have a defective air hose or air chuck. If they check out OK then I believe I have the solution. Let me explain.

Is the airflow slowing down? Here is the fix!!!

The Sintered Filter is found in both Gripper Air connections – in and out.

Periodically you may need to replace them if they get clogged because of air compressors that don’t have properly filtered air that might contain oil, dirt and other times as a result of a missing air filter on the compressor output. If your compressed air is clean you probably won’t ever have to replace this filter but if there is a compressor filter problem then you will notice that the air supply through the Gripper has noticeably slowed down. The fix is the replace the filters in the Gripper. Most installed Grippers never need to have this replaced unless the dirty air supply eventually clogs the filters.

If you look into the brass fittings you might see what looks like a ragged piece of black rubber stuck inside the Gripper air outlet fitting, but what you saw is actually a dirty air filter that should look like a “white ball”.

I will explain:
The inlet and outlet hose are connected to the Solenoid Valve:
Inside the brass fittings (inlet and outlet) there are filters * to clean the air passing through.*

These filters have to be replaced from time to time. They will become black after intensive use and after years of use they might plug up with debris from your air compressor.

We have these filters in stock (they are very small) * You may have to replace them from time to time if your air compressor doesn’t have a proper air filter on its output.

You are advised to order two filters at a time per Gripper.

https://gripperair.com/manuals/ https://gripperair.com/manuals/
Gripper maintenance and Troubleshooting Manual

Gerry Bakker