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We know you’ve seen them and used them and probably forgotten the name of our product but you definitely remember how easy it was to use. Now you can own one too!

Fast, strong and accurate, the “GRIPPER” from Stokair is a fully automated digital system to inflate tires – used in all tire shops, lube shops, fleet operators, car rental agencies, auto dealers, taxi fleets, … anyone responsible for tire safety.

The most advanced tire inflator/deflator equipment worldwide, the “GRIPPER” has more than 20,000 units installed at quick lube and tire shops across the USA.

We’ve spent ever 20 years using and perfecting its design using world-class engineers to make sure it works all year round in the most severe conditions that include Arctic weather with temperatures below -40 or in the hottest and most humid jungles in the world. Nothing stops our product from performing exactly what it was designed to do, all day long, every day of the year, in ice or rain or intense summer heat, without ever missing a heartbeat. The only thing that will stop it is something bigger than a sledgehammer. If you’ve got air supply then we can regulate it and dispense it automatically up to 145 pounds of air pressure.

Imagine, never having to keep checking to see if there is enough, or the right amount, of air pressure to inflate your tire. Just dial it up and attach it to your tire without any worries about having to check it again. It automatically stops and notifies you when it hits your target air pressure in your tire.

GRIPPER can be mounted anywhere, inside your shop or outside on any portable workstation including your tow truck or tractor. It’s equally at home at your home, a local filling station, your shop, your fleet parking lot or on the ranch.  Every tire needs air. The optimal grip can only be attained with the right tire pressure – that’s why we call it the “GRIPPER”.

Need an automatic Nitrogen conversion from AIR to N2 ? – Our GRIPPER Nitrogen model is used to automatically flush the AIR from a tire to convert it to an N2 filled tire. You can add a 5 port manifold (sold separately) to automatically convert all 4 tires at the same time.

If you work with tires every day it will save you enough billable time to pay for itself in one month or less.

Here are some of our larger clients – you can see you won’t be the first one to buy our product. These clients have been using “GRIPPER” to optimize their operations for over 20 years and each year “GRIPPER” keeps on getting better than before with engineering advancements to meet increasing consumer demand for quick and accurate service in a tough environment – your shop.

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Tim Price, Director of Franchise Support, Information Technology & Analytics, Victory Lane Quick Oil Change

These inflators ALWAYS work and are ALWAYS accurate.

I approached Gripper Inflators to find a quality tire inflator product which would have the ability to adjust air pressure in 4 tires at once. They provided me with an excellent product, called the GRIPPER. I no longer need to use hand held tire gauges to adjust air pressure and I save the expense of replacing each hand held air gauge because these inflators ALWAYS work and are ALWAYS accurate. I’ve had a number of tire inflators installed in the past 10 years, in many locations, and have yet to find a problem! I would recommend the GRIPPER to anyone looking to purchase a permanent electronic tire inflator; these are quality tire inflators and will improve your service!!!